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1. Ten Common Weather Conditions in English

As a seasoned writer with 10 years of experience in the industry, I am excited to delve into the diverse world of weather conditions and their English pronunciations. Let's explore ten common weather terms and their unique linguistic nuances.

1) Sunny - /?s?ni/

When we talk about sunny weather, we refer to clear skies with abundant sunshine. The word "sunny" is pronounced as /?s?ni/ in English, emphasizing the bright and cheerful nature of this weather condition.

2) Cloudy - /?kla?di/

Cloudy weather indicates the sky is covered with clouds, obscuring the sun or stars. The term "cloudy" is articulated as /?kla?di/ in English, reflecting the overcast and dim atmosphere associated with this condition.

3) Rainy - /?re?ni/

Rainy weather involves precipitation in the form of rain falling from the sky. The pronunciation of "rainy" is /?re?ni/, capturing the sound of raindrops hitting the ground during a downpour.

4) Snowy - /?sno?i/

Snowy conditions occur when snow falls from the sky, blanketing the ground in a layer of white. The word "snowy" is spoken as /?sno?i/ in English, evoking the quiet and magical ambiance of a winter wonderland.

Weather Condition Pronunciation
Sunny /?s?ni/
Cloudy /?kla?di/
Rainy /?re?ni/
Snowy /?sno?i/